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Orthodox Jew: Red Heifer Miracle Sparks Talk Of ‘Rebuilding Of The Temple’

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Red angus cows on pasture

There are different perspectives about the significance of the red heifers’ arrival as it relates to rebuilding the temple. Some say that now the temple can be rebuilt. Jews have prayed for that daily for nearly 2,000 years. Some say that their arrival is the heralding of the temple being rebuilt, a nuanced difference. And not mutually exclusive, some see the red heifers’ arrival as laying the foundation for the arrival of the Messiah and end times among Christians. Either way, what is clear is that even if the temple were to be rebuilt tomorrow, or descend from the heavens as some believe (since God can do anything and the restoration of the temple is among the prophesies related to the return of the Jewish people to Jerusalem), without the red heifers the temple service cannot be reinstated because they are necessary in the ritual purification that’s required for all Jews involved… (READ MORE)

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