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CALLING DONNA HOWELL & ALLIE ANDERSON! Here Is Why Apologetics Are Relevant For Women’s Ministries Now More Than Ever

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Women, who make up nearly half of the world, and more than half of the church, have the influence and relational composition to draw others to Christ in powerful ways. To better equip women for such a task, the local church might consider educating and empowering women to use apologetic tools and, through such equipping, embolden women to reach the lost in ways that reflect the movement and impact of the early church. The idea may be met with resistance when presenting apologetics as a tool to equip women. While arguments of over-intellectualization and combative tactics have been valid, perhaps it is time to change the narrative and overcome these concerns by developing strong strategies to prepare women to boldly share the gospel in a world that is becoming more and more secular. To do this well, we first might reflect on the current statistics on faith and worldview, and consider how developing female apologists could create a shift in these numbers… (READ MORE)

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