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TECHNOLOGIST: Mark Zuckerberg Is Trying To Become God And Build Heaven

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According to technologist Emily Gorcenski, to actually understand the Facebook Overlord’s metaverse push, we have to stop asking ourselves what we might be asking for. The metaverse isn’t about us — it’s about Zuck himself, who in her eyes isn’t just aiming to solve hard compression or legless avatars or other hardware and software hurdles. He wants to solve the problem of his own mortality, and he wants to do so by literally building heaven. “To understand the Metaverse,” Gorcenski wrote in a fascinating Twitter thread, “means you have to understand that rich techno nerds genuinely believe they will be able to upload their consciousness before they die. The Metaverse isn’t being built to revolutionize remote working. It’s being built because they need to believe they can build heaven,” she continued. “You know who builds heavens? Gods… (READ MORE)

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