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Is The US Government Developing Technology To Hack Your Brain?

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As I write this, the US government is exploring ways to use implanted chips to probe the human mind in ways we can hardly imagine. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, better known as DARPA, is a Pentagon-affiliated research and development agency. Its main task is to develop new technologies for the US military. In 2013, the White House unveiled the BRAIN initiative [as was first reported by Tom Horn in his film INHUMAN and best-selling book THE MILIEU (get both FREE with offer here)]. At the time, the bold initiative was supported by a number of technology companies, research institutes and federal agencies. One of those agencies happened to be DARPA, which continues its now 50-year legacy of investing in neurotechnology. Fast forward to 2022, and the agency is aggressively pursuing ways to rewire brain circuits. As author Tim Hinchcliffe recently reported, STRENGTHEN, DARPA’s new program, seeks to “identify, modulate, and ultimately optimize brain circuits responsible for cognitive flexibility (CF) and emotional regulation (ER)” all in hope to reduce the symptoms traditionally associated with mental illness and suicidal ideation. However, red flags start to appear as you delve a little deeper into DARPA’s work. Another program operated by the agency is called NEAT, an acronym for Neural Evidence Aggregation Tool… (READ MORE)

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