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IT’S THE SECOND COMING OF THE NEW AGE… And WitchTok Booms To 30-Billion Views With Preschool Witchcraft Targeting Kids

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TikTok, the popular social media platform that is known for quick videos, one-minute dance challenges, and its viral trends, is now being recognized as a hub for witches and warlocks. Videos with the hashtag #WitchTok have amassed more than 30 billion views and have made it easier for would-be witches or those interested in the occult to learn more about it, according to the BBC. TikTok’s #witch hashtag has received nearly 20 billion views, #witchtiktok has nearly two billion views, and #babywitch, a hashtag for those new to the dark craft, has more than 600 million views. One practicing witch, who has amassed a large following, told the BBC she performs spells and magic on the platform because it makes her feel “empowered” and “in control.” “TikTok has changed the way we practice witchcraft, it’s so acceptable now to learn from social media,” she added. But Jenny Weaver, a former witch turned born-again believer and minister uses the platform to warn against the dark practice. “I got into it innocently, but I left almost terrified,” she warns her followers in one video. “I remember when I started practicing witchcraft, I was very curious about it… (READ MORE)

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