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Near The Dead Sea Scrolls Caves, The “Cave Of Letters” Is Discovered, Probably The Most Important Cave In Ancient Jewish History

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The Cave of Letters is quite literally a cave of secrets. Rediscovered by archaeologists in the 1960s, its contents told of uprisings as well as everyday life in ancient Israel. What at first appeared to be an unassuming cave located in a cliff face in the Judean desert actually turned out to be a perfectly preserved time capsule, full of letters and documents from the 1st and 2nd centuries. Archaeologists have worked hard to pick apart these letters and the other items found in the cave in order to understand who used the cave and why. It is hard to tell exactly what the Cave of Letters was used for, but archaeologists have their theories. The most popular of these is that it was used as a hiding place for Jewish refugees who were escaping from the Romans. It is thought that perhaps Babatha was in the area when the Bar Kokhba revolt occurred in 132 AD. Because her documents were found alongside twenty skeletons, it is sensible to assume that she may have been killed in the cave. Despite the violence occurring around them, the people to whom the twenty skeletons belonged to did not die of violent means. There was no violent trauma on any of the skeletons, which would imply that they died of starvation. Another factor that has led archaeologists to believe that this was a hiding place is the fact that there are signs of animals, as well as cooking in the cave… (READ MORE)

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