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GREAT DELUSION IS COMING… And Scientists Warn Earth Needs To Prepare For An Alien Encounter NOW “Before It’s Too Late”

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While Halloween may be over, scientists don’t want us to let our guards down when it comes to the potential for extraterrestrial life. A new group at the University of St Andrews in Scotland wants to put together a plan for what to do if we encounter aliens here on Earth. With help from experts from across the world, they will be putting together robust protocols and treaties, as well as assessing any evidence of intelligent civilisations. Their preparatory work will take place at a new research hub at the university, dedicated to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI). ‘Science fiction is awash with explorations of the impact on human society following discovery of, and even encounters with, life or intelligence elsewhere,’ said Dr John Elliott, a computer scientist and coordinator of the SETI Post-Detection Hub. ‘But we need to go beyond thinking about the impact on humanity… (READ MORE)

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