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Large-Scale Risk Analysis Firm Is On The Trail Of The Third Horseman

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Verisk Maplecroft, a global risk analysis firm, foresees the potential for rising civil unrest in nearly 80% of the world’s countries. We see this on the news in the headlines every day. Civil unrest is spreading globally, from the world’s democracies like the U.S. to strongholds of tyranny like Iran. As we exit the end of this Biblical age, or era, this secular firm reports that A dangerous new era of civil unrest is dawning in the United States and around the world. They are only reporting what they see, but they are onto a more significant series of events that they realize. They’re seeing on earth the results of a spiritual battle of which they are unaware. This “new era” is the time that Jews and Christians have been trying to understand since the writing of Genesis… Civil unrest is the mark of the third horseman, the rider on the black horse. Most people think of this horseman as the one who brings famine, and he does. However, his purpose is not to kill by famine (as is the purpose of the fourth horseman). Instead, this horseman uses famine to create social upheaval to destabilize countries. In analyzing the societal trends, has this risk analysis firm found itself on the trail of the third horseman? And If so, what do they project is coming… (READ MORE)

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