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Adrian Was Here! Famed Christian Knight Left Graffiti At King David’s Tomb

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Written sources record that Adrian von Bubenberg came on pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1466. More than five centuries later, in the course of a research project documenting pilgrims’ inscriptions, Michael Chernin and Shai Halevi of the Israel Antiquities Authority discovered a graffiti of his name and family emblem on a wall in the “King David Tomb Complex” on Mount Zion, Jerusalem. The research results were presented yesterday in the joint conference of the Israel Antiquities Authority, the Hebrew University and Tel Aviv University, on “New Archaeological Studies in Jerusalem and the Vicinity.” The Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologists carrying out the archaeological survey on Mount Zion were not expecting to discover a graffiti inscription of Knight Adrian von Bubenberg, one of the admired heroes of Switzerland… (READ MORE)

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