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Vast Majority Of Americans Have Embraced Doctrines Of Demons, Reincarnation, Astrology, Karma…

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Nearly nine out of 10 Americans say they believe in at least one belief that falls under the loosely defined umbrella of new-age spiritualism, while about a quarter believes in reincarnation and astrology, a new poll suggests. A YouGov poll released this week asked 1,000 adult Americans whether they hold 20 beliefs loosely defined as “new-age spiritualism.” The survey found the overwhelming majority of respondents (87%) hold at least one of those beliefs, including karma, which is defined as the belief that a person’s action or conduct in this life or lives to come will influence their ultimate destiny. Nearly half (45%) say they believe in at least five of the “new-age spiritualism” beliefs. The YouGov report notes that many new-age principles can “overlap with tenets of other religious and cultural worldviews, including Christianity… (READ MORE)

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