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How Does The Bible Encourage Us During Hard Times?

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Everyone understands when a person declares they are going through hard times. It could be grief over the loss of a loved one, distress because of a financial loss or ongoing lack of money, or even the hard times that bad decisions warrant. Hard times could come as the result of others’ actions that affect someone, like a change in a job position, a landlord who doesn’t take care of a person’s apartment, or a change in government. In the Bible, we read about Job’s hard times when he went through a period of calamity. He questioned himself and God. The Israelites went through hard times when they were exiled to Babylon. And Jesus Himself went through hard times when He was convicted as an innocent man, crucified, and died on the cross. His disciples endured the hard times when they had to go on without Him after His ascension. Let’s look at what the Bible says about hard times and how we as Christians are to respond to them… (READ MORE)

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