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An Occult Message? Elon Musk Baffles Twitter After Revealing He Keeps A Vajra Ritual Weapon Symbolizing ‘Indestructible Power’ On His Bedside Table

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Musk, 51, offered a rare glimpse into his world this week when he shared a photo of his chaotic bedside table on Twitter. Littered among the billionaire’s possessions was a vajra, a ritual weapon that symbolizes ‘indestructible power’ and ‘enlightenment’ in Tibetan Buddhism. It is widely linked to Indra, the thunderbolt-wielding king of the gods in Hindu mythology, who is known as Śakra in Buddhist culture. The vajra is used to overcome an ‘external or internal obstacle’ and is seen as ‘skillful means leading to the indestructible state of enlightenment.’ Musk is often described as being atheist or agnostic, though he has never specified his religious beliefs in certain terms… (READ MORE)

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