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MYSTERY: Hundreds Of Mummies And Pyramid Of Unknown Queen Unearthed Near King Tut’s tomb

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Just a stone’s throw from King Tut’s tomb, archaeologists have unearthed the pyramid of a never-before known ancient Egyptian queen; a cache of coffins, mummies and artifacts; and a series of interconnected tunnels. Buried within these shafts, archaeologists found a “huge limestone sarcophagus” along with “300 beautiful coffins from the New Kingdom period,” Hawass said. “Burials from the New Kingdom were not known to be common in the area before, so this is entirely unique to the site,” Hawass said. “The coffins have individual faces, each one unique, distinguishing between men and women, and are decorated with scenes from the Book of the Dead [an ancient Egypt funerary text]. Each coffin also has the name of the deceased and often shows the Four Sons of Horus, who protected the organs of the deceased.” If discovering the coffins wasn’t astonishing enough, when the researchers lifted the coffins’ lids they were surprised to find… (READ MORE)

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