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Jacques Ellul And The Idols Of Transhumanism: Welcome The New (Old) Religion For A New Age

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Although there are some religiously inclined transhumanists, like Ray Kurzweil or sociologist James J. Hughes [featured in Dr. Thomas Horn’s award-winning documentary INHUMAN], transhumanism is basically a secular movement. Yet it has been characterized—and I think fairly—as a form of “secularist faith,” since it promotes a vision of the “good life” and “pious” practices similar to those taught by traditional religions, although with radical differences. I believe that transhumanism, in soteriological terms, is essentially “Pelagian,” since “salvation,” a new kind of “eternal life,” is strictly in the hands of human beings. Technology is the “divine” power that will deliver the goods, and humans are responsible for bringing about the technological heaven on earth… The individual who lives in the technical milieu [bestselling book on subject FREE with INHUMAN here] knows very well that there is nothing spiritual anywhere. But man cannot live without the sacred. He therefore transfers his sense of the sacred to the very thing which has destroyed its former object: to technique itself. In the world in which we live, technique has become the essential mystery. This is nothing short of idolatry in theological terms. It is surprising, however, that Ellul did not write that the sacred is eradicated. He could have claimed that at the arrival of the “machine-man,” secular technique would have done away with the need of mystery—God and religion—in all its forms. But he did not, because his anthropology reflects the Christian basis of his thought… (READ MORE)

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