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PASTOR SAYS STAGE IS BEING SET FOR CASHLESS 666 SYSTEM: Federal Reserve, Major Banks Launch ‘Digital Dollar’

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Is a new “digital dollar” project from the Federal Reserve and several of the world’s biggest banks another leap forward in Bible prophecy? Does the introduction of digital currency portend a biblical moment? Quite possibly, according to Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in Southern California. “The Bible does tell us in Revelation Chapter 13 that there will come a time where a global economic system is digitized, that all those who participate in a global economy will need to do so with what we would call a prefix, meaning a number that is the head of an account,” Hibbs told The Christian Post. “That number, the Bible is very clear about. That number says that your account will be preempted by the number 666, that famous number that people always wonder about and make mention that it’s Satan’s number… (READ MORE)

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