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Dangerous, Demonic, And Entirely Unbiblical: A Deep Dive Into The Enneagram

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The blind and spiritually misinformed hypotheses of the Enneagram are dangerous, deceitful, and antithetical to Christianity. Unfortunately, many in the Church have been drawn into this doctrine of demons—I do not use that phrase lightly. It is one of many last days deceptions leading believers away from the Gospel, the Bible, and Christ and into searching for humanistic or mystical understandings of who we are instead of what God’s Word clearly says. There is ample evidence available on the Enneagram’s true history. Even a modest internet search would uncover that the Enneagram has roots in the occult, Gnosticism, New Age, and Eastern mysticism. It is not, nor has it ever been, a personality assessment. We will address each of those issues, the history of the Enneagram founders, and their intent for the system. None of it is innocuous or spiritually benign. It is dangerous, demonic, and entirely unbiblical… (READ MORE)

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