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GREAT DELUSION IS COMING… And A Fully Funded Expedition Will Dredge Up Large Object That Crashed Into The Ocean In 2014 To Determine If It Was An ALIEN CRAFT, Scientists Say

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A Harvard professor believes a meteor that crashed in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, near Australia, nearly a decade ago may be an alien spacecraft, and he is now planning a $2.2 million expedition to retrieve the mysterious object. The object crashed into the Pacific Ocean in 2014, about 160km off the coast of Australia’s near neighbour Papua New Guinea. Professor Avi Loeb told Sunrise he believes the expedition may help answer questions about whether we are alone in the universe. “The material of it is tougher than iron, based on the data, so the question is whether it’s just an unusual rock or perhaps a spacecraft from another civilisation,” he said. “I was able to receive full funding for this expedition to Papua New Guinea and we will scoop the ocean floor and figure out the composition of the object… (READ MORE)

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