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We Are Entering The Prophesied DAYS OF NOAH And Human Enhancement Needs Ethical Oversight On A Global Scale, New Study Says

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We all imagine better versions of ourselves. Smarter. More attractive. Physically nimble to rock the dance floor, conquer martial arts, or run that ultramarathon. And as we grow older, we want to live longer, healthier lives—or even reverse the aging process itself. The question is, what’s acceptable? When do treatments cross the line from restoring biological functions to bolstering cognitive or physical capabilities in completely healthy people—yet only for those who can pay? Human enhancement has always walked an ethical tightrope. But the recent boom in genetic engineering, AI-powered exoskeletons, brain implants, and longevity treatments is pushing the frontier of redesigning ourselves—or humankind as a whole—to a new level. What’s the best way forward? A new paper in Science lays out a framework to guide the next steps of human enhancement. The main goal is to… (READ MORE)

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