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A Social, Moral, And Spiritual Revolution: How Do We Overcome The Iron Curtain Of Deception?

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Though, I’m not singling out Westminster College, I’m just saying that throughout colleges and universities here in America and all over the West, wayward ideologies of Progressivism and anti-Americanism and anti-Christianity are being propagated. As a matter of fact, many colleges and universities don’t even believe in absolute truth anymore, let alone in seeking truth, as Harvard University was once mottoed. Indeed, many colleges now promote Critical Theory, not just Critical Race Theory, but Critical Theory as it relates to the law and to our own Constitution. Critical Theory declares that Scripture is not God-inspired but rather needs to be deconstructed to figure out its personal meaning for each reader. Yes, Critical Theory contains a component in regards to defining race relations and all sorts of other social constructs, but what many in Academia and the Progressive Left wish to do is use Critical Theory to tear down the very foundational structures of our society. Tragically, they’ve been very successful today… (READ MORE)

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