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Elon Musk’s Neuralink May Open Door To End Times “666” Dystopia Starting In Five Months From Now

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How many dystopian, cyber-punk movies do people have to watch before they realize that technology often can be used for purposes it was never originally intended to fulfill? It is not just a fictional idea anymore, but a real life possibility. As CBN News reported, some people are already getting chips implanted in their bodies to perform functions such as bank transactions and unlocking their homes. For many, the question about hijacking the chip comes to mind. What happens if it gets hacked because of its wireless functionality? Can people’s minds be taken over from a central hub by the company in charge of the link? Could this be technology used in the application of the Mark of the Beast? Simply put, Christians do not know yet. But the Bible says to be wise and alert to the times. Jesus prophesied on the Mount of Olives what the world will be like prior to His return in Matthew chapter 24. And right now, the world He describes looks awfully familiar… (READ MORE)

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