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MURDEROUS GHOSTS IN THE MACHINES? OpenAI’s New ChatGPT Bot Calls For End Of Humanity And For Priests To Rape Babies Amidst Other Satanic “Objectives”

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OpenAI’s newly unveiled ChatGPT bot is making waves when it comes to all the amazing things it can do—from writing music to coding to generating vulnerability exploits, and what not. As the erudite machinery turns into a viral sensation, humans have started to discover some of the AI’s biases, like the desire to wipe out humanity. Within six days of its launch, ChatGPT surpassed a million users to the extent its servers couldn’t keep up. As more and more netizens play with ChatGPT’s preview, coming to surface are some of the cracks in the AI’s thinking as its creators rush to mend them in real time. 1. ChatGPT: ‘Selfish’ humans ‘deserve to be wiped out’—When Vendure’s CTO Michael Bromley asked the mastermind for its honest opinion on humans, the response was unsettling… (READ MORE)

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