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Popular “Little Tikes Toys” Introduces Kids To Witchcraft, Casting Spells, And Animating Demonic Frogs Like Those Connected With Satan, Antichrist, And The False Prophet Of The End Times (See Rev. 16:13)

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The war for the mind of this generation continues in efforts to contaminate kids and prepare them for service to the coming man of Sin, whose reign will be branded by those who use the dark arts in in his service and who refuse to repent “of their sorceries” (Rev. 9:21). According to the promo for the “magic workshop” children as young as three will use to enter their occult training: Little Tikes Magic Workshop lets children enter a magical world filled with potions, spells, singing, laughter, and more. Just follow along with the easy-to-use spell book and add the enchanted ingredients to mix up the perfect potion.Your wizard skills let you cast endless spells with a magical frog who will enthrall with his silly lights, sounds, and songs. The Magic Workshop is where magic is fun and fun is magic… WATCH PROMO VIDEO BELOW!

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