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AS IT WAS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH: Transhumanist Scientists Plan Creation Of Beast-Tech “Co-Creator” To Help Mankind Fulfill “YE SHALL BE AS GODS!”

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Will God’s Created Co-Creator create an AI co-creator? Will today’s generation give birth to descendants more intelligent than us? Will we give birth to artificial intelligent robots that will become more creative than we? Will we pass through a Singularity? Will we cross a threshold after which AI co-creators will take over the administration of our world and render us humans obsolete? With the creation of “superhuman intelligence…the human era will be ended,” wrote science fiction writer  Vernor Vinge in 1992. After we create AI co-creators, we Homo sapiens will become has-beens. Right? Dare we ask questions such as the following? When we humans create an AI co-creator, will we become gods because of what we have created? Or, will our created AI co-creators–if they’re more intelligent than us–become the gods? (READ MORE)

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