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ZEITGEIST 2025 IS COMING… And Revived Rome Is Rolling Out A New [666] ‘Digital Identity Trojan Horse’ System For All EU Citizens, Both Small And Great

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Some are warning that the European Union is undergoing a “Chinafication.” The EU will reportedly test a new digital identity program for its citizens later this year with a rollout planned for September 2023. Critics warn that it’s a “Trojan horse” that will place too much personal information in the hands of the government. But the idea is also gaining support in the U.S. An animated EU video with a cheery introduction explains that the EU’s upcoming digital identity program will make citizens’ lives easier while keeping them safer online. The video states, “The European Digital Identity wallets will allow us to store and exchange documents and legal information, while fully controlling which data we want to share with whom.” One of its chief critics, European Parliament Member Cristian Terhes, was born in Communist Romania. He’s been warning of the EU’s so-called “Chinafication” since the EU made COVID passports mandatory. Terhes says, “Clearly we are witnessing right now, the ‘Chinafication’ of Europe, because we see what is happening in China right now with the social credit score, where the government is monitoring … all the people from the beginning to end, everything that they do, everywhere they walk. They control everything and watch everything. This is an example of tyranny… (READ MORE)

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