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ISRAEL NEWS: This Past Christmas Was Jewish… And Nothing About It Was Pagan!

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Christmas is a Jewish festival. You might need to read that again if you haven’t already fallen off your chair. It was the claim made last weekend by Jerusalem-based Rev Aaron Eime, who is well-versed in Hebraic traditions and has studied with rabbis for many years. In his talk, given as part of a UK tour on behalf of the Church’s Ministry among Jewish people (CMJ), he actually demonstrated how both Hanukkah and Christmas are Jewish feasts, an idea likely to send shockwaves around the Judeo-Christian world. But stay with me, because it makes a lot of sense. Perhaps the most surprising claim is that December 25th – long thought to be a date picked out of a hat to celebrate Christ’s birthday or, worse, to chime in with pagan festivals – was deliberately chosen as quite possibly the right day… (READ MORE)

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