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4 Things Parents Should Know About Avatar—The Way Of Water: It’s All About Nature … And Pagan Worldviews

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The native people of Pandora consider nature their equal. They worship nature. They communicate with nature. They receive their energy from it. In one scene, a Na’vi pregnant woman talks to a pregnant whale-like sea creature, exchanging stories and wishing each other well. In another scene, an underwater creature saves the life of a Na’vi teen who seemingly had died drowning. In still another scene, a Na’vi girl “controls” an underwater plant with her mind, turning it into a weapon against the enemy. We also hear a Na’vi woman pray to nature itself… In the real world, theologians label the unbiblical worldview of Avatar a cross between animism (the belief that everything has a soul or spirit) and pantheism (the belief that everyone and everything is God). By comparison, the Bible teaches that there is but one God. He created everything and is over everything. We are to worship the Creator, not the creation (Romans 1:25)… (READ MORE)

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