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THE MYSTERY OF JESUS FROM GENESIS TO REVELATION ‘Coming To Life In World Events’: The Record Of Precise Fulfillment Of Prophecies In Scripture Confirms Its Integrity

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We can learn a lot by looking at fulfilled prophecy. At His first coming, Jesus fulfilled forty-eight specific prophecies concerning His birth, lineage, life, death, burial, and even His resurrection. Here are just some of the key Old Testament passages that accurately foretold the details of the Messiah’s first arrival in the world:

  • Micah 5:2: Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem
  • Isaiah 7:14: Jesus was born of a virgin
  • Jeremiah 31:15: Herod’s murder of children in Bethlehem
  • Zechariah 11:12-13: Jesus betrayed for thirty pieces of silver
  • Psalm 22:16: the piercing of Jesus’ hands and feet
  • Psalm 22:18: the casting of lots for Jesus’ clothing
  • Psalm 16:10: Jesus’ resurrection

… Perhaps I’m just stating the obvious, but it’s an important point. The fulfillment of prophecy regarding Jesus’ first coming tells us that words supremely matter when God reveals the future in Scripture. Jesus fulfilled all the details of the… (READ MORE)

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