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Turkish Researchers Begin Work In Mount Ağrı To Confirm Remains Of Noah’s Ark

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A team from Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ) and Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University (AİÇÜ) has started in the area where the remains of Noah’s Ark are believed to be located. A large number of samples of soil and rock fragments taken from the field by the team, including geophysics, chemistry, and geoarchaeology experts, were sent to İTÜ’s laboratories for examination. “Laboratory examinations of experts will probably be concluded after one and a half to two months. Based on these results, we will determine a roadmap,” said professor Faruk Kaya, the vice-rector of the AİÇÜ, which has been continuing its work in the field since 2003. AIÇU Vice Rector Faruk Kaya said: “ITU is one of the most equipped universities in this regard. We formed a working group of academics from the university and they examined the natural structure between the villages of Telçeker and Üzengili, that is, the formation resembling the silhouette of Noah’s Ark.” The Hebrew book of Genesis is best known for telling the story of Noah, who found grace in the eyes of the Lord despite the fact that everything around him was wicked. When Noah was warned of an impending flood, he built a massive “ark” to house his family and all the animals in pairs. Noah survived when everyone else died. According to legend, his ark came to rest on the slopes of Mount Ağrı in Turkey… (READ MORE)

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