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DOD Office To Identify ‘Anomalous Phenomena’

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In July, the DOD set up the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office to, among other things, identify ‘unidentified anomalous phenomena’ which might pose a threat to national security and the operations of both the military and other federal agencies. “Unidentified anomalous phenomena,” is anything in space, in the air, on land, in the sea or under the sea that can’t be identified, and which might pose a threat to U.S. military installations or operations. “We have an important and yet challenging mission to lead an interagency effort to document, collect, analyze and when possible, resolve reports of any unidentified anomalous phenomena,” said Sean M. Kirkpatrick, the director of AARO. Since the AARO office stood up this summer, Kirkpatrick said his team there has made significant headway in… (READ MORE)

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