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JEWISH PRESS: To Win The War Of Independence, Israel Must Govern The Temple Mount

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The great significance of the Temple Mount is beyond religious and historical. It is national. The Temple Mount is a source of strength and power. It is also a symbol for the Palestinians and their supporters, who see themselves as its landlords, if only through the Jordanian Waqf. It is because of the symbolism of the Temple Mount that Palestinian rejectionists believe Israel is weak and temporary. The Palestinians are convinced that the Temple Mount is as important to us as it is to them, and meanwhile we continue to fight about it amongst ourselves—halachically and politically. We do not understand the enormous damage caused by this debate, nor the central importance of going up to the Mount in order to strengthen our national identity and our connection to the Land of Israel and Jerusalem. Until we do, we will not have achieved victory in our War of Independence, which is unfortunately not yet over… (READ MORE)

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