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Transhumanist Prophecies Of Doom Include Mankind (DE)volving Into Human-Alien Hybrids

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During a recent episode of the Joe Rogan podcast, its host expressed certain premises that, every now and then, came through at the speculative farther edges of his worldview. The discussion that ensued envisioned the ideal of this “fairness”—the end-point of breaking down differences—as what we might describe as an archetype of the modern age and source of horror, as well as a messianic expectation: the grey alien. A raceless, genderless, technologically-adept entity, in which form future human beings would only be able to judge one another “by their thoughts.” This is interesting for several reasons. To begin with, the starting point seems to be the liberal, atomized individual, an ideological construct that is, in turn, based on the idea that ‘freedom’ or ‘action’ is a function of pure subjectivity, so to speak. Theologically, this took off with the Reformation, wherein certain theologians formulated what would previously have been seen as an absurd contention: that God’s sovereignty or freedom has primacy over His other attributes… (READ MORE)

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