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Elon Musk’s Ambitions For Neuralink Raise ‘Deep, Serious’ Questions About Technology And Synthetic Entities Antichrist Will Use To Enslave Mankind

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While some Christian neurologists have spoken out on ethical questions raised by implanting devices into the human brain, Musk has said the reason he created the company in the first place was as a “risk mitigation for digital super-intelligence.” “The reason I created Neuralink long-term as a risk mitigation for digital super-intelligence, in that if we are able to effectively achieve symbiosis with digital intelligence, then…the collective human will is better able to steer things in the direction that we’d like, or even with benign AI, at least go along for the ride,” he told The Babylon Bee in an interview last year.  “Thinking big is not wrong. Thinking big apart from the recognition of God is,” he added, pointing to Nimrod and the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11 as an example of going beyond the bounds that God has established… (READ MORE)

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