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AS PROPHESIED IN THE BOOK OF REVELATION? Upcoming Digital ID Will Merge Your Identity & Reputation Into Trust Scores For [666] Buying & Selling

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The Trust Stamp was funded by Bill Gates and implemented by Mastercard and GAVI to link your biometric digital identity to your vaccination records. People who do not wish to be vaccinated may be locked out of the system based on their trust score. The Government program will facilitate paperless travel and eliminate multiple identity checks with a Biometric Enabled Seamless Travel Experience (BEST) based on Facial Recognition Technology. Since the Biometric Boarding System is integrated with the identity document, passengers will no longer need to show their tickets / boarding passes and their physical Identity cards at the checkpoints of the Airport. Each passenger will need less than three seconds at each touchpoint, which will make the boarding process significantly faster and more seamless. “Their face would act as their documents, like ID proof, Vaccine proof and act as boarding pass. At each checkpoint your trust score is examined by biometric face scans.” But what happens if you have a low trust score, what happens when you are refused services based on your trusted digital identity score? What happens if you become the victim of identity fraud and are no longer able to access so-called vital trusted services? The default configuration of digital identity networks creates a threat like Matrix ID that brings together data such as risk associated with the identity, what is normal behavior and what is unusual behavior, and aims to create a trust score. Trust ratings will most likely be a reincarnation or a revamped version of… (READ MORE)

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