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EDENS ESSENTIALS FINDINGS CONFIRMED AGAIN: Popular Food Dye Disrupts Way The Gut Barrier Works, Triggering Disease And Inflammation, Scientists Warn

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As if there isn’t enough reason to keep children away from junk food as much as possible, new research suggests some products could be linked to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Researchers at McMaster University in Canada warn that a popular food dye aimed at kids could trigger IBD. Increasingly common food dye Allura Red AC is used to add color and texture to sweets, soft drinks, dairy products and some cereals — often with the aim of attracting children. But new animal testing revealed the dye disrupts the way the gut barrier works, harming gut health, encouraging inflammation, and potentially influencing the development of IBDs such as Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. Researchers say that by disrupting the gut barrier, Allura Red AC increases the quantity of serotonin produced. Doing so alters gut microbiota composition and makes people more susceptible to colitis. Professor Waliul Khan, of McMaster University in Canada, says the worrisome findings are a significant… (READ MORE)

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