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IMAGES OF THE BEAST-TECH: Chilling AI Predicts What The FACE OF GOD Could Look Like

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A CHILLING artificial intelligence (AI) has offered a glimpse of what the “Face of God” could look like in a string of creepy images. Responding to prompts such as “Face of God”, “God’s Face” and “God” – the AI programme revealed a series of strange, unearthly images. Pictures show a mixture of people – the vast majority of them appearing to be women – created from the mind of the machine. Are any of these what you would see if you really do have to go towards the light and meet our maker when we die? One of the most striking images shows the wizened face of an elderly man seemingly emerging from a mountainside. His head is topped with a mixture of trees and horn-like growths as he stars out from the mountain range. It is one of many produced using the system NightCafe Creator – one of new generation of computer tools used to create art. It was offered the “Face of God” prompt on both the portrait and landscape setting – creating a unsettling mix of images… (READ MORE)

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