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GREAT DELUSION IS COMING… And Experienced Boeing 747 Pilot Encounters UFO Defying All Known Technology

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Christiaan emphasized that as a pilot, he is trained to spot things in the sky – with his main objective when he’s at the control being to keep his plane safe. “If I see something that catches my eye, I immediately want to know if it is another airplane, something weather-related, military or anything else that might jeopardize my flight. Anything else is secondary,” he told The Sun Online. “That is also why airline pilots are credible ‘trained observers’: we don’t search for UAP, we evaluate everything we see based on our thorough knowledge of aerial observations, meteorological experience and wonder if anything has a direct influence on our flightpath or airplane.” And for Christiaan, one of his most compelling and strange sightings was over Greece as he was flying near USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier and her strike group. He was flying a Fokker 50 at the time and witnessed a bright light appear at an extremely high altitude – moving at an approximate speed of up to Mach 30 (23,000mph). “No known physics can describe what that light/thing did, for as far as I know. It left no trail or anything like it, just instant speed and poof… gone,” said Christiaan… (READ MORE)

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