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End Times Training – Learning To Fight In The Spiritual Battle

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Whether you know it or not, you are in a spiritual battle. And if you don’t know it, you are losing. Everyone is afflicted, affected, and/or tempted by demons. They knew our ancestors, have known us since we were born, and want to destroy our lives. They watch us consistently for weaknesses and attack at any opportunity. And worse, they are generally invisible and never sleep. While demons have been with us for millennia, they are gaining ground. Our society has rejected God’s commandments and thus rejected Him. When a society does this, God leaves them to their delusions to fall deeper into sin and receive the penalty for their errors in their selves. As this was in the past, it will worsen in these end times. As God leaves a vacuum over those who reject them, the dark spirits step in, and the fallen angels/principalities/pagan gods and demonic forces have a more significant impact on the world and our lives. To overcome as Jesus instructed, we must learn to discern the spiritual battlefronts and repel the attacks before they gain a stronger foothold in our society and our lives… (READ MORE)

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