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5 Things You Should Know About Heaven

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From music to movies to books and more, Heaven is a topic that fascinates people both in the Church and in the world. Yet as with other spiritual matters, much confusion abounds regarding the concept of Heaven. Scripture alone gives us the truth. Here are five things you should know about Heaven. 1. Heaven is a place—Acts 1:6–11 tells us that Jesus ascended to Heaven, indicating His movement from one place (earth) to another (Heaven). Furthermore, we know that Jesus continues to have a physical human body after His resurrection, albeit one that is glorified by the Holy Spirit (John 20:24–29; 1 Cor. 15). Physical objects are located in space and time; in other words, they are localized in a particular place. On the last day, Jesus will descend from Heaven to bring the final resurrection and judgment (1 Thess. 4:16). His physical, glorified body will move from one place (Heaven) to another (earth). 2. Heaven is the place of God’s throne… (READ MORE)

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