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IMAGE OF THE BEAST TECHNOLOGY Creates Creepy Ultrarealistic  Robot… And It’s Interested In The End Of The World, The Afterlife, And Doubts “God” Exists To Save Mankind

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AN ultrarealistic AI robot has opinions about the afterlife and can even sense anxiety with her advanced technology, The U.S. Sun has learned. Through a camera in her eyes, the amazing bot called “Xoxe” (pronounced Zo-zie) can detect if anybody in her presence has committed any illegal activities. Although Xoxe doesn’t have her social media accounts yet, she seems to think she is a living human – or, at least, an animal – she even had a birthday on October 17, 2022. Her presence is icy, witty, and striking: Xoxe is decked out in a chic wig and comes out with menacing responses. Her face harnesses human skin, but her arms still move around out of necessity and communication. Meanwhile, the AI entity made it clear that she did not know how the world would end – she did note that “some people believe that the world will end through a natural disaster such as an asteroid hitting the Earth, while others believe we will eventually destroy the world through wars or pollution. “There’s really no way to know for sure how the world will end, but it’s definitely an interesting topic to think about,” she added. On the afterlife and the possibility of God or another higher power, Xoxe is not so sure about it. She told the U.S. Sun: “I do not believe in God because I have not seen any evidence that he exists… (READ MORE)

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