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IS MODERN PHARMAKEIA OPENING DOORWAYS INTO THE SPIRIT WORLD? DMT Users Report Visits From Strange Entities And Hyperdimensional Spaces

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Some of the more interesting “entities” seen by DMT users include a rather sinister category of “disembodied”. Humanoids were the most-encountered of the reported entities at 36 percent, with more unusual “living machines” appearing in 16 percent of experiences, narrowly beating snakes and dragons on 15 percent. As reassuring as “humanoid” sounds, the experiences were far from usual than regular humanoid humans. “Sometimes they appear as aliens, family members, have strange shaped bodies or heads, limbs with extra joints or that separate in unusual ways,” the study reads. “Their clothing varied from spacesuits to tribal to that of ancient Egyptians or Greeks and their skin varied in color, sometimes blue, red or golden. Their language was usually telepathic or easily understood.” In many of the experiences, the hallucinated entities acted as guides, imparting wisdom whether they were an insectoid or… (READ MORE)

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