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New Space Telescope Observing Creation Of Stars “Consistent With Day Four Of Genesis,” Scientist Says

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Biblical enthusiasts may be tempted to tell NASA that the key to the creation of stars and planets can be found in a close reading of the first chapter of the Bible. Dr. Gerald Schroeder is a scientist with over thirty years of experience in research and teaching. He earned his Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees all at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is also a lecturer at the Aish Hatorah Yeshiva in Jerusalem. Dr. Schroeder reacted to the new finding by saying it was “entirely consistent with the story of Creation.” “I was asked how it was that God created light on the first day but the stars and heavenly bodies weren’t created until the fourth day,” Dr. Schroeder said to Israel365 News. “This is consistent with what physicists are learning now; that the universe was opaque at first and then began radiating. Stars had yet to be formed but there was energy.” Dr. Schroeder explained this in Biblical terms. “Genesis describes that on the first day of creation, there was radiation of energy which is essentially light,” Dr. Schroeder said. “The Torah says that there was or, simple light, or what the physicists call radiation of energy.”“On the fourth day, Genesis describes m’orot, the heavenly bodies that give off light,” Dr.Schroeder said. “By observing the creation of stars, astrophysicists are studying the transition from the first day of creation to the fourth day of creation, or what the physicists call cosmic noon… (READ MORE)

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