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CALLING PONCE DE LEON! Has The Fountain Of Youth Been Discovered In Ultrasound Therapy?

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Ultrasound therapy could delay, stop, or even reverse the aging process, a new study reveals. Scientists in Texas are working on turning back the clock on human cells by zapping them with low frequency waves. The process restarts cell division, awakening them from a “zombie” like state that triggers cell dysfunction and even disease. Experiments on older mice found that their cells became reinvigorated, helping the animals run further and faster on a treadmill. The treatment even cured one individual’s hunched back, after it worsened initially. “We treated it twice with ultrasound and it was back to behaving normally. I don’t think rejuvenation is too strong a term,” says lead author Professor Michael Sheetz from the University of Texas, according to a statement provided by South West News Service per New Scientist… (READ MORE)

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