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REASON #777 TO WATCH L.A. MARZULLI’S NEW DOCUMENTARY “THE COMING UFO INVASION”: Incredible US Spy Plane Film Shows UFO ‘Orb’ Flying Over Iraq In Ground-Breaking Classified Pentagon Image

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AN incredible image captured by a US spy plane shows a metallic orb UFO flying over Iraq. The picture was included in a classified briefing video shown to American government agencies and it’s claimed that it’s the first time a UFO has been filmed in an active conflict zone. The footage is around four seconds long and it shows the UAP “moving with purpose” in a lateral direction from south to north. Corbell has been behind a string of high profile leaks featuring encounters between UFOs and the US military one which was played at a landmark hearing held by Congress. “No matter where UFOs are from – it is now openly admitted by our Department of Defense that they are appearing with an increased frequency worldwide,” he said… (READ MORE)

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