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Lack Of Realism On China Ensures A Long Cold War

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LTC Robert Maginnis

On February 27, 2023, former US Ambassador to the Netherlands Pete Hoekstra wrote an article, “Realism About China,”[i]  which makes him the latest in a growing number of leaders who realize we are in a new Cold War with the Chinese Communists and by association Russia.

Mr. Hoekstra, the former chairman of the US House of Representatives intelligence committee, wrote for the Gatestone Institute,  “China has shown America’s need to get serious about the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its expansionist global aims.”  He listed the latest provocative actions that make China more than what President Biden labels a “competitor,” and then he downplays any future conflict.  Specifically, Hoekstra wrote, “the CCP flies spy balloons across the continent, opens police stations in our cities, infiltrates our universities, poisons more than 100,000 Americans with hard drugs each year, and announces its plans to replace the United States, it is hard to argue we are in anything but a ‘Cold War’ with the CCP.”

Unfortunately, the Biden administration is muted to the clear and present Chinese danger because the president holds America hostage to his climate change agenda.  Evidently, Mr. Biden believes that in time the Chinese will get “serious” about climate change, so getting tough with Beijing now over its many provocations will only delay that promised “climate change” transition.  The facts contradict that insanity, however.  The CCP has no interests in cutting emissions to embrace climate change mythology that destroys capitalism and punishes the West.  The fact is climate change is caused by mostly sun flares and other factors, which humans can’t impact.

America must quickly get serious about the new Cold War, however.  Chapter 6 in my book, Alliance of Evil, details what America must do to keep the Chinese and by association the Russians from realizing a global victory.  I conclude that chapter with: “Will America and her allies win the new dual Cold War [with China and Russia]?  That will depend on whether freedom-loving governments like that in the United States understand the threat, generously invest sufficient elements of national power, and develop a national campaign plan focused on the defeat of our adversaries.  It also depends on America’s future leadership.”

Then in Alliance of Evil I quote my friend retired US Army Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin who in 2018 addressed the issue of America’s future leadership.  “If we get another Obama [like Biden] then the Cold War will grow in intensity and last for a long time.”

Mr. Biden’s myopic focus on climate change at the exclusion of getting serious about the threat posed by China and Russia virtually ensures the present Cold War “will grow in intensity and last for a long time.”


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