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Washington Democrats To Release Hundreds Of The ‘Worst Of The Worst’ SILENT CRY Sex Offenders Into Taxpayer-Funded Homes Near Public Playgrounds And School Bus Stops

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They’re convicted sex offenders considered so dangerous that the state of Washington — liberal, latte-loving Washington — once thought they needed to be housed on an island in Puget Sound. They’re now going to be released into communities across the state — including in homes that are next to a playground and less than a half-mile from a school bus stop. And it’ll cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to pull off. According to The Post Millennial, it’s all part of 2021 legislation passed by Washington Democrats which amended the state’s law to distribute conditionally released Level 3 violent sexual offenders currently housed on McNeil Island into what are known as Less Restrictive Alternative housing, or LRAs… (READ MORE)

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