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Scientists Have Built “A Living Being” That ISN’T ALIVE

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Biologist Cornelis Vlasman envisions the human body as a working biological LEGO system. And his clickable system of interchanging human organs is coming to life … if you’re willing to define life fairly loosely. And you’re willing to suspend reality for a bit. In a experiment, Vlasman created OSCAR, a living, organic being formed from his own cells, albeit one that functions with the help of technology. The experiment shows off the power of stem cell research for morphing into human tissue all while highlighting the interaction between technology and the human body. For OSCAR to work, it takes far more than just cells, as the modules in Vlasman’s experiment require an electric brain to operate. Instead of printing organs with the focus on identical copies for spare parts, maybe we do something different altogether. Maybe we turn science fiction into reality… (READ MORE)

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