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IT’S THE SECOND COMING OF THE NEW AGE… And, As Pop Culture Lures Kids Into The Occult, Neutrality Toward Witchcraft Isn’t Enough

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More and more popular entertainers make reference to occult symbols, practices, and themes. The culture, in general, is moving further toward a sense of nihilism that borders on the demonic. In some circles, it’s considered “woke” to be a witch. Reading tarot cards, consulting psychics, and playing with crystals are in. Thus, we can’t afford to be naive. Phenomena like the new statue in front of the New York courthouse and the popularity of “Harry Potter” and #TikTokWitches also imply a call to those who adhere to traditional monotheistic religions to take more seriously the spiritual needs of young people growing up in an increasingly “disenchanted” age… (READ MORE)

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