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The Early Church Shows Us How To Live Amid Opposition To Truth

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Even with laws that should be protecting us, Christians are experiencing increased threats, accusations, and legal actions aimed at silencing our voices and disqualifying our message. Not only does it happen in the public square, but it has reached our own homes and neighborhoods. The price tag for our convictions has gone beyond just intimidation and criticism, to lives and liberties being destroyed by demon-fueled agendas. How do believers respond to these threats? What kind of action do we take in such a volatile culture of hatred towards Christianity, the sanctity of life, and everything that is holy and pure? The book of Acts details the experiences of the early disciples as they led the newly birthed Church in the midst of enemy occupation. Even as the Holy Spirit was being poured out in signs, wonders, and miracles, the public authorities, as well as the religious leaders of the day, were rising up against this new wave of passionate Christ followers. The example and testimony of these disciples should provoke us to greater boldness in our own quest for God’s truth to be known… (READ MORE)

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