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Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Moat Surrounding Jerusalem With “Mysterious Hand Imprint”

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Around 1,000 years ago, just before the Crusades, a deep 10-meter large moat was hewn into the rock surrounding the walls of Jerusalem. Carved into the rock was also a mysterious hand imprint, whose author and meaning remain obscure. The discoveries were announced by the Israel Antiquity Authority on Wednesday. “The historians who accompanied the First Crusade, describe the arrival of the Crusaders at the walls of Jerusalem in June 1099,” said Dr. Amit Re’em, Jerusalem regional Director at the IAA. “Exhausted by the journey, they stood opposite the huge moat, and only after five weeks succeeded in crossing it with deploying tactics and at the cost of much blood, under heavy fire from the Muslim and Jewish defenders.” The excavation began ahead of construction works in the area adjacent to the Old City (as required by Israeli law). A team from the IAA uncovered the moat underneath the main Sultan Suleiman Street… (READ MORE)

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