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CALLING HORN’S MILIEU! Are You Ready To Be ‘Upgraded’ To Humanity 2.0? Klaus Schwab And The Masters Of The Universe Say It’s Just A Matter Of Time Before You Will Be

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World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab spoke this week in glowing terms about the rapidly advancing technologies he says will ring in the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Schwab spoke about chatbots, machine learning, digital identities, gene editing, and the whole gamut of mind-blowing technology being developed and perfected. The masters of the universe, the self-appointed globalist elites, will control the digital world and in turn control people, Schwab boasted. “Who masters those technologies – in some way – will be the master of the world,” Schwab said. This is why we are all being herded into digital apps for everything we do in life, including our money, our IDs, our cars, our shopping and church-going experiences, everything. Once we are all shifted from the analog and physical world to the digital world, we will be 100 percent controllable by the small minority of technocratic elites and the politicians who do their bidding. Ten years from now Schwab said we humans will be completely different in our makeup. We will no longer be humans as humans are known and identified today. He predicts a coming merger of humans’ physical, biological and digital identities into some type of hybrid being… (READ MORE)

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